Imagine starting a blog because someone told you to find something to do. Imagine starting a blog because a shrink said it would be a nifty idea to actually do something you enjoy. Feeling totally BBC Sherlock Holmes yet? If you are not, it is your fault and you need to catch up on your Sherlock experience… like immediately.

Ok. Now that you are back from netflixing all episodes we can continue. Speaking of Netflix, House of Cards anyone? If Kevin Spacey does not completely creep you out, then you are an alien and I want to hang out with you. Is it completely depressing that my Saturday consisted of 13 straight hours of cheering on Congressman Underwood’s total evilness? Oh who am I kidding… it was AMAZING! It had all the delightful aspects of a dramathrillerpolitics tv show: backstabbing, journalists with unlimited resources, people meeting in a sketchy Washington diner, the usual. BTW, can someone please direct me to one of those lovely establishments which apparently serve food good enough that people come back for 13 straight episodes or 7 seasons (looking at you, Bones).

Anyway, thinking back to my original sentence and rereading this opening post I came to the conclusion that the only hobby I may actually have (between grad school and sleep) is serial watching of tv shows (if it wasn’t clear from my nonstop tv talk). Not even kidding. I watch them all: Homeland (!!!!), Downton Abbey (!!!!), Gossip Girl (sigh), The Vampire Diaries (stop judging me for putting GG and TVD next to the pure greatness of Claire Danes), 30 Rock (sadness), TBBT, and the list can continue on for probably another page. I gotta stop though because I don’t think I’ve been able to actually follow one logical train of thought for longer than two sentences.

Anyway, I will probably be recapping some shows I am interested in or even shows I am not interested in but happened to stream during my Saturday break from reality. Feel free to suggest new things for me to watch or even things to do outside of tv (you earn brownie points for outside the box ideas, yes you totally do). Feel free to leave a comment or email me, I am excited to have you!